Future-Proof Your Mission Critical Facility

At BCS, our advanced planning, audit and assessment capabilities allow data center owners to make mission critical facility decisions with confidence. Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience in operations, training, infrastructure utilization, audit and compliance. We have worked on and lead data centers for Fortune 500 companies and some of the most progressive players in financial services, technology and media.

“BCS provides original, out-of-box ideas that really separate them from the large, multi-national players in the space.”

Professional Services

Independent Professional Services Capabilities

  • Operational audit and gap analysis
  • Mission-critical risk assessments and planning
  • White-space, capacity and master planning
  • SOPs, MPOs, and EOPs audit, assessment and creation
  • Life-cycle planning and asset conditioning assessments
  • Site-specific program planning, monitoring and optimization
  • Operations training evaluation, creation and execution
  • Train-the-trainer capabilities
  • Energy assessment and best-practice planning
  • Facility and program efficiency assessments
  • Compliance and governance audit and planning
  • Supply-chain management
  • Procurement programming and augmentation
  • Advanced data center best practice planning

Why customers use BCS Professional Services:

  • Sales / leaseback transactions
  • Leverage best practices from Fortune 500 companies
  • Decrease overall cost of critical facility ownership
  • Increase data center performance and efficiency

Leasing Solutions

BCS offers leasing solutions that can deploy a range of data center marketing and sales functions that are designed to deliver incremental leasing tenants where and when you need them.

Skill Assessment and Customized Training through eLearning

Cloud-based accreditation and training.

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