Around the Clock Protection with BCS

BCS is the only data center operations provider that employs our own licensed and trained security personnel. We offer manned, 7/24/365 site security to meet customer and site-specific requirements. Our security team currently supports some of the most compliant and regulated data centers in the world.

“Given today's hyper-focus on environmental health, safety and security, the need for efficient and effective data center physical security systems has never been more critical.”

Physical Security

Our Capabilities

  • Manned, 7x24x365 site security
  • Layered physical security approach
  • Security access administration
  • Facility security screening protocol
  • Physical security rounds
  • Security incident documentation, investigation, and root cause analysis
  • Managed vendor and client escorts
  • Physical security metrics and reporting
  • Managed vendor and client escorts
  • BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) offering
  • Scalable staff augmentation to meet changing needs
  • Able to meet any legal, regulatory and compliance requirements

Why customers use BCS Physical Security:

  • Complements BCS single-source operation model
  • Integrated within overall site staffing plan
  • Able to scale up and down as required
  • Utilizes BCS Operations Playbook
  • Option to utilize BCS CriticalWorksTM
  • Further support through BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC)

Increased Support Through BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC)

Speed and efficiency through our centralized service

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