Best-In-Class IT Support

BCS is staffed by highly-skilled, certified professionals who provide best-in-class hardware, connectivity, deployment, maintenance and ongoing IT service support.

Whether you’re an enterprise using our facility management solution or an owner who seeks one-time project support, BCS technicians and tech support go beyond remote hands to provide true value-added IT services.

Our expert team can customize solutions that are compliant with any audit requirements and hardware specifications to deliver maximum efficiency and performance.

“The complexity of today's data center demands advanced solutions”

IT Services

Why customers utilize BCS IT Services:

  • Single-source, self-performance differentiation
  • BCS trained and certified technicians perform the services
  • Eliminates multiple sub-contractors and margin layering
  • Expertise that goes beyond standard offerings
  • Ability to handle any audit and hardware requirements
  • Proactive, disciplined, best-practices with BCS CriticalDocsTM

BCS value-added IT Services

  • Best-practice hardware installation, provisioning, cabling, and ongoing IT support
  • Rack, overhead tray, fiber pathway, cage and containment enclosure installation
  • Rack elevation diagramming
  • Back-bone and structured cabling, end-to-end hardware connections
  • Cross-connects (fiber and copper adept), and overall cable management
  • Carrier circuit extension and support
  • Enterprise-level smart hands – beyond power cycling and rebooting
  • Incident response protocols, SLA management and adherence
  • Hardware anomaly practices
  • IT hardware inventory and asset management
  • E-waste coordination and removal
  • Current and future IT capacity management
  • Vendor management, escort, and oversight
  • Ability to utilize any customer service management tool

Introducing BCS CriticalWorksTM

Visibility, access and control at the touch of a finger

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