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BCS serves the needs of data center providers, real estate investment trusts and Fortune 500 companies, including financial service providers. In fact, today BCS manages data center operations for three of the top financial technology and financial services companies in the world.

Our end-to-end facility management solution is informed by our proprietary BCS Operations Playbook with oversight by our centralized Corporate Technical Services Group.  All of which is viewed, accessed and controlled by BCS CriticalWorksTM, our cloud-based computer maintenance management system. And BCS customers have the option to utilize our Tactical Operations Center (TOC) which provides manned 24/7/365 remote eyes on glass support.

Proven Performance, Efficiency and Reliability

The BCS Operations Playbook leverages Fortune 500 data center best practices and are fully aligned with the practices and procedures of Uptime Institute, an independent industry advisory organization. BCS and its facilities have achieved multiple M&O Stamp of Approval certifications from Uptime Institute. BCS partner facilities have achieved the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED designation for efficiency and sustainability.

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Fortune 500

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Uptime Institute

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Facility Management

About Our Services

BCS fully-integrated facility management services feature:

  • End-to-end mission-critical facility management
  • Mechanical, electrical, and engineering solutions
  • Infrastructure life-safety systems discipline
  • 80% self-performance design and execution capability
  • Critical facility metrics and reporting
  • Critical facility capacity management, planning and forecasting
  • Mechanical and electrical system maintenance
  • Audit and compliance management
  • Asset life-cycle management
  • Financial management and operating expense budgeting
  • Engineered SOP, MOP, and EOP programming and implementation
  • Engineering peer review programming
  • Site specific training featuring 3D mapping technology
  • Proprietary CMMS client portal tool
  • Daily rounds conducted by disciplined SMEs
  • Vendor management, escort, and oversight
Use Case: BCS Single-Source Model

Performance-based BCS Operation Playbook

Best-in-class SOPs, MOPs and EOPs

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