Data Center Operations is Our Only Business

With the BCS solutions model, customers can consolidate data center operations with a single, unifying, trusted partner. Our four core on-site solutions: facility management, IT services, physical security and professional services can be customized to meet the most complex, regulated and compliant requirements and SLAs.

Common data center operations are based on inefficient, high-risk models that place unnecessary accountability on data center owners. And more diversified multi-national providers, utilize multiple vendors and subcontractors to perform basic services. Our solutions eliminate the need for multiple providers, which mitigates risk, creates clear lines of accountability and decreases cost of ownership.

“Our partnership with BCS allows us to deliver superior service to our customers and positions us for further growth.”

Landmark Dividend LLC
BCS Solutions

Advanced Data Center Operations

One Trusted Partner.

Facility Management

Custom, on-site solutions to meet the most complex, regulated and compliant requirements and SLAs.

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IT Services

Certified professionals provide best-in-class hardware, connectivity, deployment, maintenance and ongoing support.

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Physical Security

Manned, 7/24/365 capability and layered security approach provides staff augmentation that scales up and down.

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Professional Services

Advanced planning, auditing and assessment capabilities provide an independent, third-party perspective using our SMEs.

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Perfomance-based BCS Operation Playbook

Best-in-class SOPs, MOPs and EOPs

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