Remote Monitoring, Surveillance & Response

The BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) creates a bridge to your mission-critical infrastructure through a centralized client facing, command, control, communications and global operations center. It provides eyes on glass critical facility support and physical security oversight, tactical incident management, and operational reporting for client operations 24 x 7 x 365.

The BCS TOC can be contracted as part of a fully integrated operations solution or it can be contracted to operate as a back-up or support to an existing facility operation. The TOC operates on an independent BCS network communication and utilizes the BCS CriticalWorksTM computer maintenance management system.

BCS helps you get ahead of future events rather than reacting to them.

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BCS Tactical Operations Center Capabilities:

  • Top-down client visibility of single-sites or multiple sites
  • BCS staffed, 7x24x365 active monitoring, reporting and event management
  • Change-of-state (incident, alarm and event) monitoring and response management
  • Condition-based analysis and reporting
  • Vendor dispatch and event coordination
  • Isolated, centralized visibility, monitoring and communications
  • Can operate independent of customer network
  • Site(s) situational report capability
  • Remote security camera monitoring
  • Remote asset and change management
  • Supports the most complex and regulated site SLA requirements
  • Centralized dashboarding capability
  • Able to couple with client-specific systems and platforms
  • Root cause analysis and post-event review coordination

Key Features:

  • Manned by ITIL-certified BCS analysts
  • Utilizes best-in-class policies and procedures
  • Enabled by BCS CriticalWorksTM CMMS

Next-Generation Operations and Risk Mitigation

Most organizations manage and prioritize change of state when it comes to applications and digital environments. However, they don’t place the same level of scrutiny, rigor and discipline around the data center physical environment where their most critical workload assets and applications reside.

What is missing in our industry—and within most distributed organizations—is a centralized command-and-control capability that allows data center owners to extend detection and response capabilities and enable timely and effective incident response. Whether you are an enterprise company, a real estate investor or a colocation provider, the BCS TOC serves to address use cases facing today’s data center owners:

BCS Tactical Operations Center

Staff Augmentation

Organizations who need 24/7 technical and tactical support, as well as back-up staffing to augment existing on-site teams, can utilize the BCS TOC to provide remote, manned around-the-clock coverage with dedicated or shared resources.

Remote Physical Security Monitoring

Organizations looking to enhance their physical security capabilities, provide manned 24/7 coverage, or have a top-down view of their data centers utilize the BCS TOC to monitor and respond to live CCTV feeds and access controls systems.

Lights-Out and Edge Infrastructure

Lights-out critical facilities benefit from the BCS TOC through active monitoring and surveillance of site telemetry to direct a timely response for unplanned incidents plus provide remote vendor dispatch and event coordination.

Portfolio Management and Risk Mitigation

Organizations with multiple data center sites and/or extremely sensitive mission-critical applications are looking to mitigate risk and liability through the BCS TOC’s top-down oversight and management functionality.

BCS Tactical Operations Center

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BCS Tactical Operations Center

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