Industry-Specific Cloud-Based Learning

BCS has developed a training system around site-specific infrastructure and the unique needs of each customer and their data center(s). The system features a cloud-based, eLearning system that has industry-best Dupont courseware at its foundation. This training tool features individual skill-gap assessments that we utilize during site transitions and onboarding. Specialized curriculum is specific to job functions and roles. And the BCS certifications program insures the training pays off in accreditation and necessary skills.

“BCS's comprehensive training and development system is one of the keys to self-performance.”

Learning and Development
Learning and Development
Learning and Development
  • Tailored to an individual site
  • 3-D modeling of site infrastructure
  • Mock-drill regiment

Product Capabilities:

  • Skill-set assessment and gap analysis
  • Cloud-based eLearning platform
  • Industry best-in-class DuPont courseware
  • More than 200 critical facility specific courses
  • Critical component with over team development system

Product Benefits:

  1. Highly skilled expertise
  2. Supports turn-key staff transition planning and execution
  3. Efficient and effective learning capabilities
  4. Tailored to meet individual, site, function and organizational need
  5. Higher staff and operational efficiencies

Increased Support Through BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC)

Speed and efficiency through our centralized service

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