Operational Excellence Through A Single Management System

BCS Operations Playbook is a performance-based system that utilizes industry best practices, decades of operational experience and BCS’s unique single-source capability. The playbook is aligned with benchmarks created by Uptime Institute, the global standard for proper design, building and operation of data centers; in addition to accreditation standards established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). It incorporates customer specific service level agreements and the unique features, attributes and assets of an individual data center.

The BCS playbook is updated semi-annually and is viewed, accessed and acted on through the BCS CriticalWorksTM CMMS.

“The demands of today's mission-critical infrastructure can be met by next generation operational systems and capability.”

BCS Solutions

BCS Operations Playbook Governs:

  • process workflows
  • standard operating procedures
  • roles and responsibilities
  • administration
  • operations
  • environmental health and safety
  • training and qualifications
  • information technology
  • physical security

Special Features:

  • Documentation of proprietary, best-in-class SOPs, MOPs and EOPs
  • Site-specific supplements
  • Oversight by BCS Corporate Technical Services Group
  • Semi-annual updates
  • Includes leader sign-off certification program
  • Tied to leader-led sight orientation
  • Accessed and acted on using BCS CMMS

Product Benefits:

  1. Mitigates operational risk
  2. Improve site efficiency
  3. Insure uptime, critical load and performance standards are met
  4. Lower maintenance costs
  5. Extend operational life of equipment

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