Accelerate with BCS Cloud Services.

Transform the way your organization does business with BCS Cloud Services. We offer flexible solutions and services that enable you to migrate and manage an organization’s digital assets, resources, and applications to the cloud using Google Cloud’s suite of tools. BCS can scale your cloud capabilities up or down as your business demands. Rules-based systems and best practices eliminate error and risk. 

“BCS Cloud Services can customize solutions for regulated and compliant environments. They make the Cloud painless”

BCS Cloud Services

Cloud Services BCS Provides

Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Migration: Our trained and certified Cloud Technicians will work with you to identify the most appropriate cloud migration and integration level for your organization’s needs. We’ll develop a project plan, driven by pre-determined KPIs; prioritizing migration components, and including system testing and refactoring.
Cloud Management: BCS delivers technical support and IT management for cloud-based services like Hybrid Cloud Solution. We can help improve and develop management solutions and operations when running a hybrid management system. These services deliver comprehensive business IT solutions., including data management, data security and data backup.
Database Migration:
Migrate databases to Cloud SQL from on-premises, Google Compute Engine, and other clouds. Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime migrations.
Application Containerization on GKE (Kubernetes):
BCS technicians are trained and certified to leverage Kubernetes (K8S), an open-source system for managing containerized applications, including Scheduling, Deployments, Auto healing, Auto scaling , Load balancing, Service discovery and Configuration, and Secrets.
Office 365 Office Support:
If your organization is migrating from Office 365 to Google Workspace, BCS can take the pain out of the process of migrating your emails, contacts, calendar events, and OneDrive documents seamlessly so you and your organization have no downtime.

Our BCS Government Programs combine

data center and critical infrastructure operations

BCS Teaming opportunities available.

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Why Migrate to the Cloud?

  • Increase business agility and flexibility
  • Innovate products and services faster
  • Collaborate easier with a dispersed workforce
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve overall performance
  • Ease resource demands
  • Deliver a better customer service experience
  • Simplify IT
  • Shift to everything as-a-service
  • Stream-line consumption management
  • Scale business as needed and when needed

Why BCS Cloud Services?

In-house expertise: Leverage our highly-skilled, certified technicians and tech support experts.

Governance Experience: Able to develop custom solutions to work highly regulated and compliant environments.

Proven processes: Our rules-based systems and best-practices eliminate error and risk.

Maximum accountability: Our single-source model provides transparency and greater accountability.

Scalability: BCS can scale up or scale down efforts as your business demands.