Purpose-Built Technology, Next-Generation Capability

Today’s critical infrastructure is an increasingly complex and sophisticated environment comprised of related and often dependent systems. Technology solutions, purpose-built for the unique and challenging needs of critical infrastructure, provides innovation and next-generation capabilities for data center owners.

BCS leverages a number of facility management technologies designed to provide a range of functions. From asset management and work order requests, to change of state monitoring and incident responses, to invoicing and billing, to training and staff development – BCS technology solutions mitigate operational risk, reduce operational costs, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

“BCS provides original, out-of-box ideas which really separate them from the large, multi-national real estate players in the space.”

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BCS Solutions

The BCS Advantage

Critical Load Uptime
Reduction of Overall Cost of Ownership
Customer Satisfaction

How We Work

BCS technology underpins and enables all of our solutions, including: facility management, physical security, IT Services, managed maintenance; plus remote monitoring and response solutions. BCS technology solutions include:

  • BCS CriticalWorksTM, our purpose-build computerized maintenance and management solution (CMMS)
  • BCS cloud-based accreditation and online training and staff development eLearning platform
  • BCS’s fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) property management solutions

Plus, technology is key to enabling and unlocking the full value of the BCS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and BCS CriticalCareTM, our proprietary maintenance and repair program.

Skill Assessment and Customized Training through eLearning

Cloud-based accreditation and training.

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