Improved Efficiency, Maximum Performance

Now more than ever, enterprises must protect their businesses and reputations from service interruption. Gartner estimates that the average monetary impact of IT and critical facility downtime is at an all-time high of $5,600 per minute. At BCS, we make 100% critical load uptime and availability our standard.

The result? BCS customers achieve a minimum reduction of 20% on their data center operating expenses.

“BCS's self-performance model creates greater accountability and eliminates finger-pointing.”

Landmark Dividend LLC

The BCS Advantage

Critical Load Uptime
Reduction of Overall Cost of Ownership
Customer Satisfaction

How We Work

Our single-source, self-performance model eliminates multiple vendors and sub-contractors and the resulting margin layering. Our innovative 3-day on, 2-day off shift scheduling drives staff efficiency. Our systems, processes and products are all performance-based. And our continuous learning and development discipline allows us to optimize performance over time.

BCS Performance

Skill Assessment and Customized Training through eLearning

Cloud-based accreditation and training.

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