How We Are Redefining Data Center Operations

Our trusted people, proven processes and leading performance are the cornerstones of our differentiated approach. And our single-source, self-performance model is the foundation on which our approach is built.

Our vision is to become the global leader in data center operations.

In order to achieve this, people are our most valued asset. Our ability to recruit, train, develop and retain quality, certified critical facility professionals is paramount. We are a veteran owned and operated organization and proud to state that a high-percentage of our full-time employees are military veterans.

BCS has consolidated industry best practices into one unifying process and continuous improvement framework. Our performance-based systems are fast becoming industry standard. BCS has developed and utilizes a staff optimization and support framework that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle. From critical facility uptime to decreasing overall cost of ownership, our performance-based approach is your bottom line.

Value Benefit to Data Center Owners

  • Greater efficiency
  • Guaranteed lower operating cost
  • Reliability that comes with a trusted partner
  • Higher asset productivity
  • Greater control, flexibility, scalability of your core business
BCS Solutions
BCS Data Center Operations

Trusted People

Our subject matter experts, engineers, operators and technicians offer decades of experience supporting Fortune 500 companies. We build trust by operating data centers as if we own them.

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Proven Processes

We combine industry best-practices, site-specific customization, leading technologies and a rigorous optimization discipline. The result: high performing and highly efficient critical facilities.

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Leading Performance

We set 100% critical load uptime and availability as our standard. Our approach creates a minimum of 20% reduction in operating expenses.

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Single-Source Model

Our fully integrated, single-source, self-performance model means a minimum of 80% of all services are performed by BCS employees. The result: greater visibility, accountability, efficiency and control.

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Success Stories

See how we made an impact.

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