Success Story

BCS CriticalWorksTM

Customer Challenge
Legacy Investing partners with large enterprise companies who are looking to sell their owned data centers and outsource operations. As a real estate investor, Legacy’s ability to find and partner with a trusted data center operator is critical to their current and future investment model. Operational capability is the price of entry in the critical facility real estate market. Legacy Investing’s challenge was to find an operations solution provider that offers critical capability, at the right economics, and at a speed of delivery necessary to compete in a highly competitive market.

BCS Solution
BCS’s expertise, proven processes, and single-point operations model immediately differentiated them from other providers. When combined with a responsive team with deep critical facility management experience, plus superior economics; BCS became the Legacy Investing partner of choice. To date, the BCS / Legacy Investment partnership has delivered the physical and technical capabilities their customers and clients require, at a speed the market demands.


  • Seamless transition of ownership and operation with no loss in performance
  • Favorable economics and lower cost of data center ownership
  • Allows Legacy Investing the ability to focus on their core business and positions them favorably with future clients

Why BCS?

  • Proven data center and critical facility expertise
  • Competitive economics and overall better value proposition
  • Self-performing, single-point service model

BCS Is Redefining Data Center Operations

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