Landmark Dividend LLC is a real estate and infrastructure acquisition and development company focusing on the digital infrastructure, wireless communication, outdoor advertising and renewable power generation industries. Landmark acquires, owns and manages a diversified, growing portfolio of real estate property interests and infrastructure assets.

Customer Challenge
Landmark tenants frequently look to them to provide a suite of services that extend beyond their standard asset and property management offerings. Data center operations and management require unique and specialized capabilities. Landmark was seeking a partner to round out their in-house capabilities who could mitigate customer service and performance challenges often inherent with multiple, siloed facility, information technology, and security providers.

BCS Solution
With direct access to their senior leadership team, BCS was able to present and deliver a comprehensive, turn-key, end-to-end solution. Their flexibility and willingness to develop a customized approach, around very precise technical and physical requirements, demonstrated their commitment to servicing the needs of their customers. Deep industry expertise, and an ability to leverage industry best practices, created the credibility and confidence Landmark was seeking. Moving forward, BCS’s comprehensive set of critical facility operations solutions, provides Landmark with a level of scalability and control that positions them for future sector growth.

Watch Landmark’s head of Digital Infrastructure discuss the BCS partnership and the role BCS has played in Landmark’s recent success


  • Greater flexibility and scalability of Landmark’s core business
  • True and transparent service and operations accountability
  • Reduced operational risks associated with critical facility ownership

BCS really feel like they're a part of us; a part of our organization. For us, a comprehensive suite of services and competitive pricing is absolutely what we needed and what we get from BCS.

Landmark Dividend LLC

BCS's self-performance model creates greater accountability and eliminates finger pointing.

Landmark Dividend LLC

The key driver in selecting a data center operations provider is choosing one you trust with your most critical infrastructure. BCS is building a reputation as the one operator capable of delivering mission-critical performance at the right economics.

Landmark Dividend LLC

Our partnership with BCS allows us to deliver superior service to our customers and positions us for further growth.

Landmark Dividend LLC

BCS is Redefining Data Center Operations

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