Customer Challenge
DataBank recently acquired a 115,000-square foot, three-story data center near Pittsburgh, PA. Due to the complexities of this particular site and the regulatory and compliance demands of the nature of the site’s prior owner, DataBank sought a data center operations company that could provide a customized, site-specific approach and advanced operational capabilities. BCS was one of several companies asked to participate in a formal RFP process that included large, multinational providers.

BCS Solution
DataBank looked to partner with operator who had a proven capability in very specific, highly-regulated environments. The BCS team developed a comprehensive, custom solution that integrated seamlessly into DataBank’s centralized customer support and managed services model. When DataBank’s customer requested alternate “out of the box” options, BCS delivered them. BCS’s ability to offer a flexible, efficient single-source solution — independent from other competing interests — was a key differentiator in being selected as a DataBank partner.


  • Operational performance, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction
  • On-time, seamless turnover of the facility
  • Established trust with one of the nation’s fastest growing data center providers

Why BCS?

  • Ability to handle complex, large-scale operations
  • Flexibility to meet unique and stringent performance standards
  • Expertise in highly compliant and regulated environments

BCS is extremely responsive, proactive and executes flawlessly.


BCS provides original, out-of-the-box ideas that really separate them from the large multi-national players in this space.


BCS Is Redefining Data Center Operations

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